My name is Antoine. I am 15 years old and the 10 april, I will be 16 years old. I practice cycling and I like play video games. I like to go to cinema and my favourite films are Divergente, Hunger Games and The maze runner.


I live in Seiches sur le Loir. This is a little city of 3000 inhabitant in the northeast of Angers and in the west of France.

In my city there is many little shops like bakeries, florists, butcher and other. There is so a post office, a fire station, a police station, a bank, a retirement home, a doctor, a chemist, three schols (nursery school, primary school and college), football and rugby club and ground, tennis court.

In summer, there is a music festival and a fireworks and in winter there is a Christmas market.

The city is nice and peaceful and it is pheasant to live there.


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