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  • My name is Mary and I live in Beaufort-en-Vallée, near Angers. They are situated in north of France. I'm going to show you a map of France.

Indeed, this is the map :


Beaufort is a town where we can find a swimming pool, Mc Donald, a little department store called "Inter", a lot of shop, two butcher' shops, fours bakeries (bread and cake shops), a social hall, a galery, a church, two schools, a college called "Collège Molière" where I was, a cinema, a hospital, a retirement home, a photographer, parks..

This is the town hall :


This is the swimming pool :


This is the abandoned castle :


This is the church:


This is and example of home we can look:


This is the theatre (which do cinema too):


And that is a old building which is situated in front of the church, it's Joseph Denais' museum:


I like Beaufort because it's old, calm. I love walking in side streets, looking old houses. When it's sunny, it's very pleasant and restful.

  • Now, I go to the highs school who is situated in Angers.

I can say that Angers is my favorite city. As beaufort, it's old even if there are recent houses. There are all we need : festivals in summer, universities, bus, tram, trains, many many restaurant cheap or expensive and tasty food, large department stores, side streets and large streets too, wonderful theatres, a place which is beautiful, parks, lakes and a lot of other things !

This is the Place du Ralliement :


This is a part of the castle with a part of its garden :


These are examples of pleasant and/or magnificient streets in Angers :


This city is wonderful, walking on its streets and you travel in an old and attractive place. Lift your eyes and look beautiful buildings with antique windows and balconies.

This is the man who our high school pays tribute :


He's Jean Moulin. A man who was born in Beziers on 20 June 1899. He was a hero during the second world War who united the scattered elements of French partisan activity against German occupation. He enlisted in the army in 1918 but never saw action. After the First World War, Moulin joined the civil service to rapidly become prefect or regional administrator, of Chartres, the youngest holder of the office in France. Moulin's politics were of the left, extreme left. In June 1940, he was arrested by the occupying gestapo and tortured as a suspected communist. By November 1940, the Vichy government ordered all elected left-wing to be sacked. Moulin refused to sack anyone so he was himself dismissed from his post. From then, he devoted his life to resisted the Germans. In September 1941, he was smuggled out of France to London to meet Charles De Gaulle, leader of the 'Free French, and other exiled of France. In 1942, Jean Moulin was parachuted back in France to set up an organised Resistance. During his life, he had some of code name like "Max". Unfortunately, shortly after setting up this Resistance, he was betrayed (denounced) and was captured… He was interrogated by the gestapo in Lyon and Paris, and died as a result of torture on 8 July 1943, on a train taking him to Germany. He never confessed these actions and those of his teammates. I think we have to memorise his life because it's a hero.

And this is our high school :


I'm a member of the association UMPS "Unité Mobile de Premiers Secours" (First Aid). This association takes place in France, there is a part of its in a lot of departments. L'UMPS created in 2000. It includes professionals or no who are fond of the life saving and first aid. We assure first aid in many festivals, student parties, sporting event… We have medical equipment like ambulances and another. Members who are of age can sometimes go to humanitarian missions. For example, in America after terrorist attack in 11.9.2001; during the earthquake in Algeria in 2003; after the cyclone in Haiti in 2004…

These are examples of the equipment we have :


Finally, these are examples of department 91's ambulances :


I hope you enjoyed reading this presentation and looking at the pictures. Talk to you soon !


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