Hello my name is Emma. I live has Chemellier it is a small village in the campaign. There is a bakery, a beautiful and big eglise. At the other end there is a hairdresser and a restaurant. The village begins has angrandire it has more and more inhabitants there but that remains very small compared in Angers.
There is a lavoire which dates for a very long time a primary ecole for youngs. There is fireman's big new barracks.
In the ecole of Chemellier we stay there three years it is an ecole very beautiful.
In quoted(esteemed) by Chemellier but always in Chemellier there is one bit with a dolmen she(it) is very big and there are many trees and small animals. There is two doctor (one of doctor is my mom).
To Chemellier everything the years, in spring, there is a party(holiday) of the shallot and a party(holiday) of the farmers of the surroundings. In chemellier there is many fields, greenery, there is also small one lakes.

Chemellier it is a small village has the campaign(countryside) but very pleasant.
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