Hello, my name is Axel, and I leave in Beaufort en Vallée in the northwest of France.

Beaufort is a quiet town where there is a lot of activities and shops. There is a swimming pool, a church, two schools, many restaurants, fast food, a cinema, a hospital, a museum, a skate park, a stadium, and many differents shop of clothes or food and a shopping mall called "Intermarché".

Here are some photos of the town hall, the castle in ruin and the wimming pool :

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I like beaufort because it's peaceful, I think the countryside is beautiful, the people are very friendly and the weather is good.

Has 30 minutes of Beaufort it has a big city called Angers, It's where I study and where I sleep all the week.

My high school is called " Jean Moulin" and next year I'd like to go in a class of architecture.

I find that Angers is a beautiful city with many magnificient places such as "ralliement" or "Foch"

There are Kebab, clothe's shops, expensive shop such as "Lafayette", cinemas, streetcar, theatres, restaurant and many others …

This is some pictures of Angers, jean moulin, the "tramway" and my boarding school :

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I like went in the city center to eat or to watch movies, or simply to stay with my friends …

In my free time, I also like to make of the mountain bike with my friends or listening music !

I like travel with my family, watching movies but I don't like read.

In angers, we have many famous festivals and concerts and this year there is a race of bike,

who is most famous in france called the " Tour de France ".


There is a lot of parks, gardens and a lake called "lac de Maine"

To conclude I will say that Angers and Beaufort are two beautiful, attractive, and pleasant cities !


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