Arthur's Place


Hi, my name's Arthur and I live in Avrillé.

It's a town nearby Angers. In my town, there are a lot of big team of differents sports like basket-ball (my sport) in the national division, soccer and Hand-ball.

There are 2 castles called "Froide-Fontaine" and "Chateau de la Perrière"


My town isn't very funny but Angers is nearby


Angers is a big town, less than Nantes but there is a lot of animations here like a national basket-ball competition named "Pro-Stars" and this year the "Tour de France" will passed in Angers for the finishing of a step and ours team of soccer is in best division too. But there are not the same as number of shops as America.


My high School is in Angers, not far from the center of the city. So when I have time for occupation during my school day, I can go to parks or shop with my friends.



My High School is on the top of Angers, so you can see it at first passage in the city.


If you come in Angers you can see a lot of historical monuments of the medivial age like the castle or the cathedral.


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