Brivaël's life.

My name is Brivaël, I'm fifteen.

My favorite subjects at school are maths and English.
I play drums and keyboard. I hate soccer.
When I've got free time I go riding my bike. I also repair and build up fixed gear bicycles.
My favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and my favorite movie is "Whiplash".

I'm economy and policy enthusiast.

In the future, I'd like to work in the automobile industry or I'd like to be a travel photographer.
I'd like to study in other countries but I don't know where exactly…
After my studies, I'd like to go to Australia to do "Working-Holidays", I think that's a pretty cool way of learning English quickly and easily and it's a nice way to learn practise photography.
I really want to go back to Amsterdam and to Australia, these are amazing places! And I also want to go to Iceland, this country looks incredible!