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My name is Raphaël . I’m 15 years old. I live in Chalonnes sur loire next to Angers.
I was born in Angers on the December 1996.
I have got one sister, she is 12 years old.
My mother’s name is Isabelle and my father’s name is Patrice.
My favourite hobbies are mountain biking and rugby.I like cooking in my free time and sometine I play on the computer.
I have got a cat.
My school's name is Jean Moulin in Angers


My favourite rugby team is the French team.


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Raphael A's place

My christmas holidays

During my holidays I did a lot of things. I went out with my friends a couple of days during the first week and I spent a couple of days illl. I celebrated Christmas with my grand father.
During the second week I went to the Massif central to ski. The Massif central is a mountain in the center of France.
I enjoyed it a lot and it was a very good week !! :)


It was my first time skiing. At the end of the stay the snow wasn't good because there was a lot of rain and there was around 30 centimeters of snow against 70 centimeters at the start of the stay.
The Massif cental isn't a very tall mountain so the snow melts very rapidly,
but it was a very good trip.


I took ski lessons with a younger boy (around 30 years old) this people work for ESF (Ecole du Ski Français).
He was a very good person, he explained well and he was very friendly.


I spent a very good holiday in the Massif Central !! :)

We started back to school after two weeks of holidays. Every day I think about my holidays.

My winter holidays

I have cut chopped wood, I have played on video games, watched tv, bring brought the furniture into the house(?) and with my father we crafted worked in the garden.


Between the 27 march to the 29 march I went to London.
I went to London with my hight school. We slept in Joruney Hostel in the center of London next to the St Pancras station.

1st day :
We arrived in midday in london with the eurostar's train and we staied our closes (?).
After that we went to the Twickenham stadium we discovered a very big stadium with 82 000 places like to the Stade de France.
We visited a cloakroom, the Nike's suite, the Royal's places, the bar where players go after the match, the museum's rugby museum.
The evening we ate in Kitchin restaurant tiit was a good restaurant because we could took take any food it's a buffet (Thailand's, Italy's, China's Chinese and India's Indian food)

2nd day :
The morning we took the underground to went and saw :
Big Ben,


Westminster abbey,


Birminghan palace,


science museum,


Saint James park,


Piccadilly circus,


an other park but I don't remenber his name.
We ate in the same place in the Kitchin restaurant.

3rd day :
We visited the Museum of London


and we saw the London's castle


and Tower Bridge


After that we returned in to france after a good travel in London we took the eurostar and the train from Lille to Angers. We arrived in Angers at 23h30.