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Posted by Adrien T. on 26/03/2011
hello !
I'm 18 years old. I live in La Grigonnais (44), which is about 25 north of Nantes. I have 1 Brother and 1 sister. I play videogames. I am a young fireman in my village. In my village, there are 2 football fields but I don't play football. Later in life, I will try to become a fireman in Nantes but if I can't become a fireman, I'll try to be a civil engineer. I'd love to learn more about England. Where are you from & what's it like there?

Posted by Adrien T. on 29/03/2011
If I can, I will be either be a fireman or in the French army but if I can’t become a fireman or enter the French army I will try to become a civil engineer in the construction sector after passing my A-levels and after doing a second-year past-A-levels diploma.

Posted by Adrien T. on 12/04/2011
In Farnce we have lots of traditions, for example on 14 july this in