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Posted by Amandine on 22/03/2011
Hello, My name is Amandine. I’m 16 years old, and I was born on 07 April 1994 . I live in Saint Martin du Fouilloux next to Angers with my parents and my brother. I love all sort of music, good food and video games like Call of duty. I have no special hobbies; I don't like sport but I like horse-riding and swimming. I love going out with my friends and partying. I love going shopping to mostly buy shoes. I love shoes. I study civil engineering at Jean Moulin High School in Angers. I have no idea for my future job. I live in the countryside and I love the countryside with its woods and fields, but there are not many things to do. Angers is a good city with a very lively center.
I don’t know what I want to do in the future yet. I first want to pass my A-levels, and I think I would like to do a second-year post-a-level diploma probably in road construction but I'm not sure.

On 12/04/2011
Our Customs:
When I greet people I kiss them on the cheek, but if I don't know them I shake their hand.
We have two different ways of addressing people; we use "vouvoiement " (vous) when we speak with a stranger, and we use "tutoiement" (tu) when we speak with friends or family.
We say "Bon appétit" to each other before we start eating.

Meals and Food:
Food is very, very important in France and to me!
Some dishes particular to France are "Le cassoulet", "La choucroute", "La fondu", frog legs and snails, "le boudin noir", "l'andouille", and the cheese "Camembert"…
We have 3 or 4 meals each day. In the morning, we have breakfast. At 12 p.m. we have lunch, and at 8 p.m. we have dinner.
During a meal we eat one entrée, a main course, cheese and dessert.

on 17/05/2011
In France, to be polite you should say "hello" to people you see. You should say "bon appétit" to others having a meal with you before eating. You should say please when you ask for something and say thank you when you are served. You should call some people by their surnames. You should send a text message if you are running late. You shouldn't be late to school. You should bring chocolates, flowers or a bottle of something to drink when you are going to someone's house for dinner. You shouldn't interrupt people when they are speaking, but you can disagree whith people who are older than you. You should give your seat to an older person on public transport, but you don't necessarily have to give your seat.

On 24/05/2011
In France, we celebrate the 14th July; it's the day when revolutionaries stormed the Bastille in Paris in 1789. We celebrate this event with fireworks.

National holidays are very important because we don't have school. Our major national holidays are Christmas and New Years. I celebrate Christmas with my family and New Years with friends. In general, on the day of these two national holidays we eat "Fois Gras", seafood and chocolate, and we drink Champagne.