Anaelle R's favourite movies & music

Hello !
I would like to present my favorite songs and a groupe. I like all a styles of music :)


The first group is Tryo which consists of 4 members. It was created in 1995. The groupe is jointed joined Greenpeace

The membres


Cyril Célestin is singer , composer and musician. He played Guitar in groupe. The His nickname is Guizmo

Christophe Petit is composer, singer and musician. He played guitard , piano. The His nickname is Mali

Daniel Bravo is musiciean. He played with plays lots of instruments. Exemples : drums, djembé, violin…

Manu Eveno is singer and musiciean. He played wiht plays instruments. Exeamples : guitar , bass , clarinet…

Sébastien Pujol is sound the engineer and manager. His nickname is Bibou.

There are well-known songs : ''Désolé pour hier soir'' ,'' L'hymne de campagne'' , ''la Main Verte', ''Ce que l'on s'aime.''



I love a song of LMFO. I prefer ''I'm sexy and I know it''. The clip music video and music are funny.
There are well-known songs : ''Party rock'', ''Champagne showers''

Max Boublil

Max boublil is a songer , actor and humorist.
He created the songs removed from its context (parodies?).
There are well-known songs : "J'aime les moches'' , ''Susan Boyle''


Sarah's Key


I will now speak '' Sarah's key "
Sahra's key is a french drama produced by Gilles Paquet- Burner in 2010.
The film develops between the years 1942 and 2009 , alternating the past and the present. In 1942 , Sahra lies to the authorities carrying out the Velodrom d'hiver roudndup that her little brother is at home and locks him in cupboard. She tells him to say there and wait until she returns. Sahra was sent to camp and she survived survided.
In a the present , An American journalist, Julia ; who does historical reseach on Vichy French. She moved apartements and she realises that a future apartement holds it's its own Holocaust story. Julia makes it her mission to discover the full story of Sahra.

The actors are called Kristin Scott Thomas, Mélusine Mayance ,Dominique Frot …
The movie is great because there are very good actors and the story is beautiful !

Pearl Harbor.


Summary :
The film is American producted by Michael Bay in 2001. Pearl Harbor is a dramatic reimagining of the Japenese attack on Pearl harbor on 7 December 1941.
Rafe Mc Calawey and Danny Walker have been friends since childhood friends. They learned to fly together. They both join the Army corps as pilots. Rafe has started a relationship with nurse Evelyne Johnson. But Rafe is voluteers to go help the Europeans fight the Germans. In one Battles, his planes is hit. His host Everyone believes he is dead . After the drama Danny starts to develop feelings for Evelyne. But Rafe returns after surviving. Danny struggled with Rafe.
Then the Japenese attack Pearl Harbor.

The film is very intersting and very good ! :)