Angélique B


My name is Angélique BILLARD, I live in Ingrandes sur Loire and I'm almost 15 years old because I was born on December 20th. I go to school in Jean Moulin, Angers and I'm intern. At school I study French, English, Physicals Sciences but I don't like that, Spanish, mathematic my two materials that I prefer. On Wednesday afternoon I'm with my friends and I go to do shopping in Angers, on the Friday after school I've got training to handball, on Saturday morning I'm training to become fire brigade, on the afternoon I've got a handball match with my team and on the Sunday I sleep for a very long time then I do my homework and I spend time with my family because I've got one little sister she's 12 years old and one little brother he's 7 years old.
On the future I would like work on a maternity to be pediatric nurse. For that I need to do a 1STSS (in french). But on the future I'd like to do also brigade fire.
I'm somebody who like travel but I've never go to Paris but I'd like to also go to America.