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Hello ! ;)

My name is anonymous. I’m 15 Year old. I live next to Angers (around 30 minutes). I have one cat. MARIUS.jpg?fx=c_250_250
My favorite hobbies are badminton and horseriding.

I like listening to music and travelling.
I speak French , English and German.
I study in Jean Moulin high school in Angers.

Good Bye :D !

In the morning , I come to school by car at 9 o'clock. I'm a boarder.
For breakfast, I drink chocolate milk and eat cereal.

On Saturday , I went at the Christmas Market with my friend. There are lots of people and it rained often.


After I went to the cinema to see Intouchable. It's good film ! I like it.

During the holidays , I saw my friends. We went to the cinema to see Holywood , the film is funny.
I celebrated Christmas with my grandparents and my parents.Chirstmas is sacred it's opportunnity meet family. I had a lots of presents. I had chocolate , clothes, money …
I celebrated a new years with my friends. It's very good without parents.


I would like to wish everybody a very good Happy New Year 2012 !

Sorry for not writing a text earlier, I hadn't got time and I had lots of homework to do. Last weekend I played a Badminton in competion. I won two matches. The third match was very difficult. I lost in quarter- final.
After the march I went to my cousin's house in ''Indre et loire''. We ate the gallette des Rois with a lucky charm. If we get the lucky charm, we are crowned king or queen for the day. There are two types of galette des rois : Frangipane pate with almonds and brioch. I prefer frangipane :)


Last week I went to the movies.
Then , at school last week I played billiards and baby foot with Eugenie. We are real champions. No, it's a joke ! I got a bad score but I am getting better

it's snow :). It's funny ! In my region , this was the first time it snowed ! :) !
the landscape turns white, it's so beautiful ♥ ! With my friends , we were making battles with snowballes and we were cold but it's fun ;). Our age has been divised divided by two , we were kids ^^'

During my holidays, I went to the Alps to ski with my aunt. I enjoyed the short stay. I'm average level skier :). There was around 140 centimeters of snow !
Later , I went my friends to the swimming pool and to the cinema.
In the week end , We had organized a big party. It's so fun :)
This week -end my family went home and I ate the fondu of burgoyne with lots of pieces of meadt.


With the fondu of bourgoyne, it takes at least three sauces. It makes roast meat. After we have eaten we ate it . It's delicious !

All Week , in Angers , There is a good weather. It's hot how in summer ! :)
The next week- end with my school , I'm going to the Parc Asterix ! It's Cool :D

During my holiday, I went to the Paris with my family. I visited Museum grevin and Tour Eiffel. It's so fun but It was very windy and it rained often !
After , I saw my friends. We left for '' Atolle''. It's large center commercial because there are lots of shop.

Hi ! Sorry for not writing a text earlier, I hadn't got time and I had lots of homework to do because the holidays are approaching.
During my weekend , I went to swimming pool with my friends and I went to the aunt of Eugenie.
We played darts.