Antoine M.

Hello ! my name is Antoine Moinx…!

I was born in 24 on September, in 1997. I'm the sign of Libra and so my mother and my friend Thibaud Moncho. I am slightly originally from of Brasil but I am generally a french today and since my one year old. I live in Avrillé, near of Angers, in the region of "countries-of-Loire". I have got a brother and two cousin in my family and I have got also a female dog, she is a "cavalier King Charles".
I'm 15 and I'm studying in the final seconds of the general (of 2012), high-school called Jean Moulin, in Angers. In my class 2de3, I laugh and talk generally well with everyone. In high school, I am generally a serious student, who has a fairly correct work and participates well in class according to the teachers . They say that I've capacities (…) but that I must progressing, because I have nevertheless difficulties in some subjects (in physics-chemistry and a little in French, for example). I have difficulties in English but I have more difficulties in speaking that in writing.
I am a boy amiable, generous, but lazy often for some thing, a bit shy (in front the girls…not always)but generally sociable. I am rather optimistic that pessimistic when I am well sure of myself (…)or I believe in some things. Some people say that I have a gold heart sometimes … but others say that I did a little too much or I'm not trying hard enough for some thing. I'm not a big dreamer but rather a clumsy (on and in some things). I am shy, it's stronger than me sometimes but I make efforts for be more fearless !
I love the sport : I like play football, volleyball in recreation but I dislike gymnastic because I'm not very flexible and soft in the gestures. I love in particularity the swimming because I practice this sport for 10 years. I love to eat pasta for breakfast lunch or evening and as you can eat before or after exercise. I like eat apple and it makes me think often of the brand logo of «Apple », that I like among the brands. For the holidays of summer in August I will spend two weeks to the sea on the side of Britain, in the Dinar.