Arthur B's favourite movies & music

My favourite movies are The Black Hawk Down ,Bloody Sunday ,Harry Potter ,The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars,Full Metal Jacket and The Fall
I speak of The Black Hawk Down, Bloody Sunday and The Fall

black_hawk_down.jpgIt is the story of American Spécials Force, Rangers and Delta Force, they are in Somalia to help the blue helmets blue to calm the tensions of the civilian war. They leave for a mission which aims at kidnapping the commander of the Somalian militia which is the origin of this war. Regrettably American armed forces American fall in real one real trap and two copters were brought down ( name copters is Black Hawk ), the soldiers get lost in the market of Bakara (place of the conflict) to go to save possible survivors, during more than 24 hours some soldiers will be clamped on enemy ground.
7i56htk2.jpgBloody Sunday is a movie realized by Paul Greengrass who tells the events of January 30th, 1972, Where 14 demonstrators for the peace, between the Irish people and the British, died during a walking. Paul Greengrass shows here, like a movie-documentary, the events which have eventually succeeds in this drama, when the British army shooting on the crowd disarmed.
La-Chute-8831.jpgThe Fall is a German movie realized by Oliver Hirschbiegel and taken came out in 2004. The story speaks about events and about circumstances bound to Adolf's death during the battle of Berlin.The movie so shows the last twelve days of Adolf Hitler's life crossed in its bunker, during the battle of Berlin and the last days of the Second World War. The action follows the points of view of the witnesses of this period, of which mainly Traudl Junge, the last secretary of Hitler.fqo9lzty.gif
My music kind to prefer my favorite kind of music is the French rap and the rap U.S as Orelsan, Tunisiano and Eminem.
orelsan-le-chant-des-sirenes-300x300.jpg Orelsan is a french rapper. He becomes became known on the Internet thanks to his song St Valentine's Day, then drills in 2008 with the song Change. In 2011 he took out his Piece of News album the singing of sirens and I have stinks tickets to go to see him in concert in Chabada has in Angers.
tunisiano-equivoque-news.jpgTunisiano is a French rapper he made several featuring acec of the other artists as Sniper.
Eminem.jpg Eminem is an American rapper that is Very well known which has a flow high octane gasoline but I preferred what he made before it was more hardcore.