Barbara L's favourite movies & music


I would like to present with you a few Korean music groups.
The first group is U-Kiss which consists of 7 members, 1 principal singer, 2 rappers and 4 singers.
They are al between 18 and 21 years old.


Then I would like to talk about BoyFriend, which also is a Korean group and it consists of 6 members between 16 and 17 years old.
The group has 2 rappers, 1 principal singer and 3 singers.


Then to finish I would like to present you with TOP TEEN, a Korean group which consists of 6 members too. The members are
between 17 and 21 years old and it is the most well known Korean group.
In this group there is 1 main singer, 1 rapper singer, 1 choreographer and 3 singers.


When it comes to movies I would like to present you with Saving Private Ryan.
It is a movie about the Second World War, but speaks more particularly about a soldier named Ryan who lost his 3 brothers.
A group of 7 troops with captain John Miller in charge goes to save the last son of an annihilated family.
But the soldier Ryan is not going to want to give up and is going to fight to the bitter end of the war.
Regrettably the entire squadron of captain John Miller dies to save the soldier Ryan, except one called Mellish.

This movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, the scenario was made by Robert Rodat, Michael Kahn was the film's edit , the music
was by Jonh Williams and it was produced by Steven Spielberg, Ian Bryce, Mark Gordon and Gary Levinsohn.

Captain Jonh Miller: Tom Hanks.
Sergeant Michael Horvath: Tom Sizemore.
Private Rchard Reiben: Edward Burns.
Private James Francis Ryan: Matt Damon.
Private Daniel Jackson: Barry Pepper.
Private Stanley Mellish: Adam Golberg.
Private Adrian Caparzo: Vin Diesel.


I would also love to speak to you about Eight below.
This movie speaks about two explorers in Antarctica who leave their team of huskies behind them because of a storm which
blows up out of nowhere.
The dogs wander off for 6 months, alone, fighting for survival. Two of them are going to die, one from the cold and the other one
from a fall which had broken his leg.
Since he left them, their master has to try everything to return to Antarctica, but it is only after 6 months after before that he can
return and find 6 of his 8 dogs.

The director of the movie is Frank Marshall and the writers are David DiGilio and Toshirô Ishidô.
the actors are Paul Walker, Jason Biggs and Bruce Greenwood.


I would like to propose an Asian film is called Dragon Tiger Gate.
This film is about 2 twins Dragon and Tiger, borm the same father but not of the same mother. These twins will be separate
because the mother of the dragon is dead and goes to live with in a gang.
They will meet several years later and will join for overcome a enemy who killed their grandfather. These twins go back a to school because it is their
gandfather's because his last wish.

This movie was realisated by Wilson Yip in Hong Kong. this scenario was writed by Edmond Wong;
He was exited It came to theaters in 2006 and it last minutes 90.

Dragon Wong: donnie Yen.
Tiger Wong: Nicholas Tse.
Turbo Shek: Shawn Yue.
Ma Xiaoling: Dong Jie.
Lousha: Lie Xiao Ran.
Ma Kun: Chen Kuan-tai.
Scaly: Vincent Sze.


For movies I had a preference for Saving private Ryan because is an moving history and
Saving private Ryan is a war movie .
There is aloso Far Cry who is a war movie.

Far Cry is movie on cryogenics. the cryigenic is a man genetecally modified who is called
A doctor go create a armed for checked a country, But a man to go overcome the trygène.
The trygène is a bulletproof and for kill, its necessary pulled in eyes.

This movie was realisated by uwe Boll and this scnario was writen by Michael Roesch and peter Scheerer.
It last 90 minutes and is a production by Uwe Boll, Shawn Willamson, Dan Clark and Wolfgang Herold.

Jack Carver: Til Schweiger.
Valerie Cardinal: Emmanuelle Vaugier.
Doctor krieger: Udo Kier.
Paul Summers: Michael Paré.
Parker: Craig Fairbrass.
Katja Chernov: Natalia Avelon.


Now the movie wich I prefer Hatchi!
Hatchi is an history between a dog and man who meets has the station and are not any more going to leave.
In the grown-up age the dog is going to accompany its teacher everything in daytime has the station and will come to look for
Until the day when its master is going to die from a heart attack and will not bring in him there everything in
After her death, his wife decides to move and to leave the dog has her daughter.
But Hatchi ( the dog) is going to escape everything in daytime by understanding the train to arrive station there.
And After the death of its master, Hatchi will return has the station every day, has same hours during 10 years while waiting
for sound teachers died from a heart attack.

Richard Gere : Parker Wilson
Joan Allen : Cate Wilson
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa : Ken
Sarah Roemer : Andy Wilson
Jason Alexander : Carl
Erick Avari : Jasjeet


This movie is fired by a true story which it is unwound in Japan has to leave of 1923, its teacher died in 1925and Hachiko
(Hachi was the real name of the dog the suffix "Ko" is a token of affection) will return has the station until 1934.
This story is a part of the integral culture of Japan and a statue was realized and stake in front of the station of Tokyo
where the dog waited.

Photo of Hachiko can of time before its death.