Benoît L's favourite movies & music

I would like to present my favourite artist.

His name is Falcko


It's a french rapper .He was born in Barcelone 20 november 1988. He moved to Paris and he discovered rap in 2006.
He made five street albums but he made his first album in 2011 . Its name is "Premiere Mi-Temps"


And his second album came out in 6 february 2012 its name is "Deuxieme Mi-Temps" I know three songs ,their names are "Paris va mal," La vie de reve" and "Ma devise" It's a very good music and I await the album, I think I will buy it
Many people don't know him but he is a famous artists


And I like Sexion d Assaut ,It's a group of seven artists


.They are from Paris and their nicknames are Lefa, Maitre Gims, Doomams, Maska and Barack Adama. They are between 25 years or 26 years old .They started rapping in 2002 but They were 25 artists and they had many names : Le 3e Prototype ,Assonances or Prototype 3015 but in 2010 they were 7 artist for Sexion d assaut .And they created "L ecole des points vitaux " which is their first album


They made Chroniques du 75 and they are working on L'apogée which is a big album.The group is very good because there are many different singers

I would like to present my favourite movie


I love Star Wars because I like science fiction so It's a very good
Star Wars was created in 1977 by George Lucas . He created three movie between 1977 and 1983 and he created three new movie between 1999 and 2005 . They speak about before of the first movies.
The movies speak about the sith(bad) and the jedi(good) who is fight for the control of the universe.


The first movie speaks about 2 jedi Obi-wan and Qui-Con-Jin.They must seek the "The Chosen One" who will restore the peace in the universe but the ruler of the sith doesn't want it so he sends the separatist their allied and his pupil to kill him


The second movie speaks about of Obi-wan and Anakin Skylawker 10 years after . Obi-wan must seek the army of clones and Anakin who is the chosn one must protect Padmé Admidala the queen of naboo because the sith have killed an emissary of naboo


The third movie speaks about Anakin why and how he will become a sith and Dark Vador then Obi-wan with the clones fight the separatist who are controlled by the general Grievous


The fourth movie speaks about Leia and Luke the children of Anakin but Anakin doesn't know it . Leila and the alliance rebels have a map of the dark star and she give the map to R2 D2 a droid because she is captured by Dark vador.And R2-D2 must seek Obi wan in Tatooine with the help of Luke


The fifth movie speaks about Leia who is in Bespin with Lando her firend's but Lando is a traitor and Dark Vador captures Leia .Luke who is in Dagobha with Yoda the last ruler of Jedi but he stops his training for to help Leia


It is the last Star Wars . He speak about Luke who he sees the head of his dad after a long fight with him and the ruler of Sith and Leia and the rebels who fight with the Imperials for control of Endor

For me Star Wars are big movies because there is a lot of action and special effects.

Many actors played in Star Wars .The actor principal actors are Harrison Ford,Evan Mac Gregor,Mark Hamil,Hayden Christensen and Ian McDiarmid

The images come from wikipedia and amazon