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My place is Montreuil Juigne . Montreuil Juigne has 8000 people. Montreuil Juigne was founded in 1973 with the fusion of Montreuil-Belfroy and Juigne-Bene and Montreuil Juigne twin with Kamen it's a German village . There is a ocean climat Montreuil Juigne located at the limit of Massif Amoricain and the Bassin Parisien


Montreuil is in the Maine and Loire .It is the 11th most populated place in the Maine and Loire,


Montreuil Juigne has two tide gates: their names are Montreuil-Belfroy and Sautré because there is the average that makes 6.5 km


This is the mayor of Montreuil Juigne, his name is Bernard Witas .He was born in 1959. He is delegate of the community and he is Deputy President of Angers Loire metropolis.

In Montreil Juigne you can do many sports or activities. There is an exposition hall** that is in the center of Montreuil Juigne & on the first floor there are two music rooms and there is a, small showrom and on the second flood there is a very good library that was opened last year and its name is Clara Malraux


There are many places where we can play sports. There is the arena of Pierre Conotte


We have a sports complex, it's name is Pierre Coubertin . There are seven rooms where you can play basketball, handball, ping pong & do judo, aikido, gymnastics, karate & dance.


And we have two, swimming pools that were opened last year but it's not very good because the old swimming pool is bigger than the new swimming pool.

The old swimming pool


the new swimming pool


We have 7 state schools ,three nursery schools , three primary schools and one junior high school built in 1960. There are 800 people and students come from four villages nearby: Plessis-Mace, Soulaire and Bourg,Membrolle and Cantenay Epinard. We have 1 private school .
The names are


-Marcel Pagnol


-Notre Dame


-Jean Zay


-Jean-Madeleine no have picture

We have a leisure center for young people


Why not come to Montreuil Juigne, it's a very good town