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Posted by Clement B. on 29/03/2011

Hello everybody!
My name is Clement and I am 16 years old. I have 2 older brothers.
I live in St Barthélémy d’anjou, but you musn't confuse it with a famous French island called the island of St barthélémy. It’s near Angers and about 60 miles from Nantes. Sizewise, it’s a half way between a village and a town. During my free time, I like to draw, go to the cinema or do other activities like play sportsman XD or just relax -_-.
I’m not very good at English, but I’m interested in it. I really can't manage to improve my English even if my teacher is good, so I really am looking forward to chatting with you and with your pals.

Posted by Clement B. on 29/03/2011

My teacher asked me to write about what I would like to do in the future. If I manage to pass my post-A-levels, I think I'll start my own campany or work as an architect. But for that, I need to go to a college for architects in Bordeaux or to another school for this kind of job. Chat soon. Clément B.

Posted by Clement B. on 12/04/2011

In France, we greet each other by kissing each other on both cheeks 'on fait le bisous' or by shaking hands. I greet my girlfriends by kissing them on the cheeks, and I shake hands with my mates.
But in general I say "hello" to be polite to the bus driver, to my boss, and sometimes to a passer-by.

In my culture, it is good to be polite. It is polite to be a gentleman to an older person or to a pregnant woman. For example, it is polite to be gentlemanly on the bus or in a public place.