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Posted by Clément B on 22/03/2011
Hi! My name is Clement Briend, I’m 16 years old , my date of birth is the 3rd of December 1994. I was born in the Reunion which is an island close to Africa & the most beautiful place in the world. I love football, which is the best sport in the world of course! I've got one brother .I’m doing civil engineering at Jean Moulin high school: it’s a type of studies to work in the construction of houses or other buildings like that. I like the Olympic Lyonnais, it's my favorite football team.
I will tell you about my town now- so it's a little town where you can play sports , football for example on the football field..There's a shopping centre ,a pub where you can play bowling, it's fun. Then I'd like to speak about football with someone who's interested in that. I'm really interested in having someone's point of view about football in England and especially about what he/she thinks about French football. Now you can tell me a couple of things about yourself?
Posted by Clément B. on 29/03/2011
Now, I’m going to speak about my future career: so I want to be a project manager , I think this job is very interesting because you control all the construction part of a project from the beginning to the end .To do that I don’t need to do many studies but a lot of experience is needed & that’s two of the reasons why I like this job.
HI!so I will speak about French culture. The first thing that I want to say is that in France we don't eat very often frogs' legs .So we eat many things like meat,chicken and cheese.We drink lots of wine but sparingly of course .To greet girls we kiss them on the cheek twice and with the guys we shake hands .In France we have very old traditions so there are many holydays especially the 14 july because it's our national holiday day .