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Posted by Clément D. on 22/03/2011.
Hi , I’m Clément Doineau. I’m 16 years old . I was born on the 29 of June 1994. I live in Villiers-Charlemagne, a little village with a lot of green fields between Laval and Château-Gontier. I like sports, computing, motorbikes, music and the beach where my family have a holiday house. I play basketball in Chateau-Gontier, soccer in Villiers-Charlemagne and handball with my high school. I spend most of my time playing videogames and going to partys. I’m studying civil engineering at Jean Moulin high school in Angers to work in the building and construction sector, and I’m a boarder. I’ve got a sister, she is 13. I’ve got a dog and a cat.

Posted by Clément D. on 29/03/2011.
Now I’m going to speak about my future, so I want to be an architect or a project manager, so an occupation which involved designing buildings. To do that, I need to pass my A-levels, and after I would like to study to become a civil engineer, but I must have good marks. If I don’t manage to do that, I will do a second-year post-A-level diploma.

Hi ! Now I will speak about French customs. In France, to greet someone, the men shake hands with each other and we kiss the girls on the cheek. We eat a lot of chicken, meat and cheese. We drink a little wine but sparingly of course although French wine is very good. French people are generally very funny, humor is deemed.

Hi! Now I will speak about the family life. In france, the men work as much as the women in tje household. But the women work harder, because the men don't respect this tradtion. It is a bad image for my country.