Cultural Exchange Topics

Culture: lifestyle, food, special days and public holidays:

- Lifestyle in Angers/France:
o Customs and traditions in France
o What you should and shouldn’t do (“the dos and don’ts”).
o Meals and Food
o Family life

- Special events:
o Name some special events that you celebrate at home.
o How do you usually celebrate these events?

- National holidays:
o Why are these national holidays important?
o How are national holidays celebrated.
§ Do you celebrate it with your family and/or friends?
§ What do you do on these days?
§ Do you eat special foods?
§ How does your country celebrate?

- … anything else you would like to talk about in terms of French/Angevine culture.

School life/School system in Angers/France:

- School system in France:
o Primary, secondary and tertiary education.
§ When do you start school in France?
§ Is school compulsory for everyone and until what age is it compulsory?
o Baccalauréat:
§ When do you do your BAC?
§ How does it work?
§ Does everyone have to do the Baccalauréat examination?

- School life in Angers/France:
o School hours in France:
§ When are you at school everyday?
§ Do you have breaks during the day?
§ What days aren’t you at school?
§ What do students do outside school hours and during the weekends in France?
o Extracurricular activities with the school and outside school:
§ Does the school have sports teams and musical groups?
§ Do you do any extracurricular activities
§ Do most students participate in extracurricular activities outside school?
§ What are some extracurricular activities that students do outside school?
§ Is it important to do extracurricular activities?
o Jobs:
§ Do students work while studying in France? How about during the holidays?
§ What do students do if they work?
o School holidays:
§ When are school holidays?
§ What do students do during school holidays?

- Lycée Jean Moulin:
o What type of school is it?
o How many students are in this school?
o What subjects are available?

- … anything else you would like to talk about in terms of school life/school system/Lycée Jean Moulin

City of Angers:

- Describe Angers.
o Where is Angers located? In which region in France is Angers located?
o What is the city like?
§ Is it a big, busy city? Is it a new city? Is it historic?
§ What is the population of Angers?
o What modes of public transport are available?
o Places to see:
§ Rivers/lakes/parks/castles etc.
o Things to do:
§ What can you do in Angers?
· Shopping/opera/movies etc.
o Is it a nice place to live?
o What is the weather like?
o What are the people like?
o Is there a mayor?

- Are there any special events or festivals that are held in Angers?

- Are there places close to Angers where people like to go on vacation or a short holiday during the weekend.

- Are there any famous people from Angers?

- Provide a brief history of Angers.

- Is Angers different from other cities in France? If yes, how is it different?

- … anything ese that you would like to add about Angers.

Differences between the UK and France.