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Posted by Derya on 28/03/2011
Hello, I am Derya. I was born in Angers. I have 2 big brothers, and one sister. I study civil engineering at Jean Moulin high school. My past times are : playing video games, shopping, reading, computers .. . My first name means ocean. In the future I would love to have a good job but in the civil engineering sector. I am dynamic, I love partying with my friends. For me friendship is important. I would choose as a topic "discrimination" because it's hard to discuss, And what about you, can you tell me a couple of things about yourself ?

Posted by Derya on 28/03/11
In the future, I would like to work in the civil engineering sector. This sector interress me a lot because this sector is really going strong at the moment. But I do not have a concrete idea as regards a job in this section. After my studies and after I find a job I would like to start a family. Because family life is very important. My parents have shown me that these values still exist!

Posted by Derya on 12/04/11
Hi, I am French but my origin is Turkish; that's why I don't know French traditions very well. But I can tell you about turkish tradition and culture. Turkish people are very warm and respect is very important, especially respect for older people. Moreover in Turkey, there is special cooking. In turkey there are special dates but not as many as in France. In the city where I come from, bread & meat are important ingredients. Moreover, in this town (where I'm originally from), there is the "Mevlana". And now for a little bit of the culture: Konya was invaded several times by the Arabs between the eighth and tenth centuries and then by the Crossroads in 1097. The Turks chose Seljuk as their capital in 1134. Beautiful monuments were built during the 13th century, Konya was the cradle of Sufism and underwent Whirling Dervishes founded by Mevlana. I forgot to say that in Turkey everybody shakes hands because it's not good to kiss a woman. Can you tell me the story of your town ?