E. Siegfried


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Hello, my name is Siegfried & I was born on the twenty-fifth of May 1996 in Angers.
So, I’m fifteeen years old and now I live with my father because my parents are divorced.
Before this, I lived in Nice for six years with my mother and my brothers.
I have two brothers, their names are Hilderic and Nordhal, I am the elder.
My favourite sport is Rugby & I have been playing it for two years.
I am a boarder in Jean Moulin high school & I go there by car on Monday's.

I have a gecko leopard, it is yellow, her name is Saphiraimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcRi9YLzVz9E3WvtAjKCFMzgb96fkvjzSBXGRDWrJeZ2UEdc1HOJNA

I live in "La Fleche", this is the sub-prefecture of Sarthe. La Fleche is a small town situated between "Le Mans" and "Angers"
In my town, there is a famous military school called Prytanée, and 2 nices places of interest : Henri IV place and the lake of 'La Monnerie'.

--Sunday, December 4th--
This weekend, I went to my aunt to celebrate the birthday of my cousin, it was really cool, I was with all my family, it was really good.
My English teacher asked me to write a dialogue in English for next week.
I have to write the continuation of a scenario on a road accident.

This week I am going to participate in a tournament of belote at my boarding school, it is a game for old men but it will be funny.
Next Thursday there will also be a fancy dress evening on the theme of the cinema.I will be disguised as mechanical orange, kubrick Stanley's movie.

I have spent the worst holidays of all my life, because, with my father, we moved (problems which I would not quote). I have spent the holidays in cardboards. GOOD!
My parents are divorced, I have went to my mother for Christmas and to my father for the new year. The day before Christmas, my gecko leopard, Saphira, died. My Christmas was not joyful for me.
And as I was not good the day of the new year, I went to bed at 1 am in the morning without drinking of champagne.
Good happy new year!!

This weekend, snow, clamped at my uncles and aunt, in family, I was not able to go to the tenpin bowling because it was closed.
I carry out the duty that I have to produce in English, " musics and movies ".
I am not on to go to class tomorrow has cause of the snow.

I have several projects of future, I like the army, and I would like to make a military school but etudes are long.I would have liked being a sniper only I have problemes of sight.