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I live into Montpollin, a very small village near Baugé. So I will present Baugé.


Baugé is 45 kilometers from Angers. It is located in the department of Maine-et-Loire and in the region Pays de la Loire.
There are 3600 inhabitants, who are called Baugeois (for the men) and Baugeoises (for the women).
This is the emblem of my town, before there was a lot of wild boars.
The town was founded in the eleventh century.

The castle of Baugé was built for King René of Anjou in the fifteenth century.
We have two primary/elementary schools and two high schools.
In summer, the town has an outdoor swimming pool which opens to the public. But there are also several libraries, stadiums and gymnasiums in the town.


Baugé is twinned with Kelsterbach in Germany and Milngavie in Scotland.

In Baugé, there are football teams, basketball teams, … We can do a lot of sports like dancing, judo, tennis and badminton … There is also a school of music and drawing.
Some of it's activities take place in the new "cultural center Réné d'Anjou."


For the July 14th national holiday, and the "Comice" (an agricultural festival that takes place every year in Baugé) there are fireworks. At the Comice, there are also some atractions just like at the Easter weekend.

An old railway line that connected Saumur-Baugé-La Flèche was converted into a cycling track that starts at St Martin d'Arcé, 3 km from Baugé and finishes in a town called La Flèche. This track is only for pedestrians & cyclists… It is 20 km long.


Next to Baugé, there are stange steeples, like in Vieil-Baugé. They are twisted and bent - as can be seen in the picture.


There are many local games played in my town, such as "boule de fort", an Angevin game/sport.