Introduce yourself! Write a paragraph that explains who you are, where you are from, your likes and dislikes, and what you are studying. You may also choose to include information about what you will do during the upcoming vacation.

Josselin A.

Oleg B.

Yannick B.

Chloé B.

Sevda-Gül B.

Colin B.

Robinson D.

Corentin D.

Margaux D.

Bastien G.

Erise G.

Léa G.

Marine H.

Aurélien L.

Flora L.

Coline M.

Julie M.

Antoine M.

Thibaud M.

Florélia M.

Laurine O.

Laura P.

Agathe P.

Etienne P.

Pauline R.

Maurine R.

Faustin S.

Alexis-Mael T.

Cloe T.

Naïs T.

Florian W.