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Posted by Jean-Baptiste on 29/03/2011
So yeah I live in France right now in a small town called Corné, it's about 15 miles away from another small city called Angers, & it is in this city where I go to school. I like going to the movies, working, partying with my friends, and ending up in some really sweet night clubs. But besides all of these great things, what I love the most is eating. I love every kind of food… (except fish - yuck!). I probably have spent half of my life in kebab joints, Mac Donalds and grocery stores.
I hope to find somebody interested in working on a subject on nuclear problems, because it's a current issue and I like studying & learning about nuclear explosions.

In the future I would like to be a site manager. That’s why I’m in a civil engineering class. I got that idea from my stepdad who's working in a good road construction company. I worked with him a little bit, and every time I had time off from school I went to work in this company and earned some money to help me pay my future studies. Talking about studies, I first want to finish my A-levels, and then I'll go on to do a 2-year post-A-level course to study road construction, & doing on-the-job training. I'm pretty pumped up about that, and I can't wait to finish high school. Then when i finish all my studies, and when I get a job, i'll ask my employer to send me to work in the United States. i will work as a site manager, and give orders to some dudes to get the work done, the roads done on time. i really want them to send me next to Chicago, because since I've lived there for 2 years, I met a lot of people and I'm friends with a lot of them.
When i'll be there i would like to build a house by myself, a huge house, with a pool and spa and in the basement a big nightclub, where every night i'll party with tons of people. Unfortunately it won't be for a couple of years yet so i'm going to have to wait…

Today let's talk about some pretty cool french traditions. First of all, there's the "it's 51, Ricard time!" it's a very nice alcohol with a little perfume of anis. For the new year's eve, we have a big party to celebrate the new years, we get together with a lot of friends ans sometime some family and we party all night long :). There's also the 14th of july, it's a day off for everybody. We celebrate the french revolution, and at like 10 at night or sometime around that, we have a big firework show, just like the 4th of july for the american's day of independence. During the year we have a lot of days off, like the 15th of august (i have no idea why), also some in november. The 14th of february we have valentine's day, where we celebrate love <3 ahh it's just a nice day… nahh i'm just kidding but anyways it's time for me to go have a nice day everybody.