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Posted by Jérémy on 22/03/2011
Hello my name is Jérémy. I am 16 years old, and I live near Angers with my parents. I like playing basketball and listening to music. I’m studying civil engineering at Jean Moulin high school in Angers.

Posted by Jérémy on 29/03/2011
I chose these studies in civil engineering because I’d like to become an architect and build a lot of buildings. I’d love to be successful in this job, and to earn a lot of money. I’d enjoy designing buildings. For that, I need to go to a speacial school for architects or do a second-year post-A-Level diploma in the building trade. I’d like to start my own company in another other country, in the USA for example.

In France we have lots of customs and traditions. For example, when we greet people we kiss each other on the cheek. However, when we greet boys or people in higher positions, we shake hands. In France, you call most people by their first names. The important days in France are 14 July, 8 May, and 11 November. On 14th February, we celebrate love as it is Valentines Day. We party with our families on Christmas (25th December). In France, food is a very important part of our culture.

In France, everyone works in the house. Both men and women cook and clean, and do other housework as everyone is equal. Men and women in families also make important descision together.

In France, we have special events such as Christmas, New Years and many other religious events. There are also three important national holidays. The 14 July is the principal national holiday. On this day there is a military parade in Paris. The two other important national holidays are 11 November and 8 May. On 11 November we comemmorate the soldiers who died during the First World War, while on 8 May we commemorate those fought in the Second World War. For these two days, there aren't any particular celebrations and events such as fireworks. However, families go to cemetaries and put flowers on tombs.