Joris N's favourite movies & music

My favorite music

My favorite artist and band are:

David Guetta:
Davis guetta was born in the 7th november in 1967 in Paris. He is a french Dj. He made some music like when love takes over, one love , Without you , titanium


I think David Guetta is the best artist in the world because he makes a lot of very good music. He is also making a movie at the moment: "Nothing but the beat the movie" and he is French.

Lmfao is an american duo founded in 2006 by Sky Blu ,(Skyler Ashton Gordy) born in the 3rd september in 1975 , and Red Foo (Stefan Kenda) born in the 23rd August 1986. They made some music like , Sorry for party rocking , Getting over you with David Guetta , Shot


LMFAO is a very funny band with the clip of "i'm sexy and i know it" . Their music is very good and their clips are very funny

The Black eyed peas:


I love the Black eyed peas, their clip is very good and their last album is their best .
Black eyed peas is a hip hop american music bande with Will.I.Am,, Fergie and Taboo.
They have get 35 million album .

Bruno Mars:


I love his clip of "the Lazy song" because the lyrics are very funny and he dances with monks ^^
Bruno Mars was born the 8th october in 1985 in Honolulu, Hawai, USA

My Favorite movie

My favorite movies are :

Tron Legacy :


I love this film because Daft Punk made the original sound track, because it is better than the first Tron and the story is very good. Motorbikes in this movies are butiful.

In 1982, the first Tron speaks about Kevin Flynn who create a world, a numeric world. Kevin is captured by the program and must to go get out this world but he failed.

In the new Tron (Tron legacy), twenthy years later after the disparition of Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn discovers the computer where the numeric world is saving, and he enters in the gride to find his father, but he don't doesn't know that Kevin Flynn created his twin to control the gride.
After Sam finds his father and Kevin destroys the grid.

Paintball: Play to survive


I adore this film because i think it's the goodest best horror film of in the world.

Some of paintball shooters wants to win a competition of paintball, but they don't know that another shooter is in the field and he hasn't got any paintball guns, ha has a real gun and kills paintball players. And one of the players kill the killer to survive .