L. Eugénie


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Hello !
My name is Eugénie. I'm 15. I was born on 12 December 1996.
I live in Baugé, next to Angers.


I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. They are called Élise and Adèle. They are 11 and 5 years old.
My brother’s name is Cyprien. He is 13. I’m 1 meter sixty cms tall.
I come to high school by car. I’m a boarder & I go to school at "Jean Moulin high school" in Angers.
My parents are farmers.
I like cooking in my free time.
I also like reading. My favorite book is "Hunger Games".
I love speaking with my friends.
I hate cockroaches.
I sometimes like playing on my computer.

My parent's have a farm, we have 130 cows.

I also have chickens, 2 dogs (Stelle & Chouka)
I have one cat, he is called "Évinerude". I've one horse "Indienne".
We have too a rabbit: "Pantoufle". She belongs to my brother. We have also a goat.

I also baby-sitting.
On Saturday, I dance modern 'jazz.
I like it, because, we moves a lot but we also relax.
We danced recently Assassin's Creed, LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem, or on What the Hell-Avril Lavigne.


During my holidays, I saw my cousins ​​who live in Coquelles (near Calais). I celebrated Christmas with them and my grandparents. I have for Christmas lot of presents receive : poker play, the Qwirqle a game, book …
A friend from last year came home to sleep over. We talked a lot and laughed. We also watched films like Limitless, The Human Centipede and Zombieland.
My cousin came home for a few days. Then we spent New Years at her home with friends and family.
I saw "Intouchables" and I read "Le combat d'hiver" and "Le chagrin du roi mort" of Jean-Claude Mourlevat.

Every weekend with my sister we start cycling. We went to my grandmother two weeks ago and we ate a galette des rois.
The gallette des Rois, is a type of cake eaten at Epiphany. It is or brioche or puff pastry garnished with franginpane (pate with almonds).
In the galette des rois is hidden a bean. He that a bean in his piece is crowned king or queen for the day. Then it can wear a crown.


Last week I went to see a movie in 3D with a friend. It was the Darkest Hour. The film was good but it ends a little abruptly I find. With the same friend, Anaëlle, we play billiard party. When we play together, we're so talented (* IRONY *) we succeed in putting four balls at the most. In the house of the students of our school, there are two billiards tables, two foosball tables (baby-foot), a TV, and games. I also have a baby-foot foosball table and a billard table at home but I am highest best in baby-foot at foosball especially in defense.

I went to see the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
The movie was great! :)


Sunday and Monday, it snowed in Maine-et-Loire! I love when it snows because the entire landscape turns white! ♥ This was the first time it snowed this winter.
Next week it will be the vacancy and it is really cool!
This weekend, I saw a lot of distant cousins ​​at a family reunion. There is a lot of fun making battles with snowballs … :D Our fingers were all red and frozen .. but it was great! Our age has been divided by two … ^^
» This is the castle of Angers in the snow ;)


Mardi Gras

Tuesday, February 21, it was Shrove Tuesday, that day we eat crepes, botterreaux and waffles …
That day, there are plenty of carnivals as in Dunkerque.
It is a religious celebration that precedes Lent Christians, period where crhétiens Christians make a fast and concludes with Easter.

This weekend I was at a feast and we ate fouées. Before, once a week, we joined the family by the fire to bake bread. Until the oven is hot enough, were being prepared fouées with remaining dough.
These little balls of bread swell during cooking.
They were eaten immediately, garnished with rillettes and mogettes.
Now the most greedy, prefer with nutella! ;)
It is traditional in western France and principally in Anjou.


Hunger Games is finally out to the cinema!
The book is great, and the movie is too! (even if the characters are not as I imagined.)

Hunger Games:

Every year, the Capitol (the nation's capital of Panem) requires each of its twelve districts to send one boy and one girl - the "Tributes" - to compete in the Hunger Games.
The Hunger Games are a national televised event in which the taxes tributes have to fight to the death. The sole survivor is the winner.
The young Katniss, 16, volunteered to take the place of her younger sister in the competition. She finds herself facing opponents who are overtrained and who have prepared for life.
She must give up everything … Just before the Games, the Tribute of his district tells her he loves her!
Katniss will have, once in the arena, to make impossible choices between survival and love …

At this time, there is a SUPER nice weather, in Angers!
So, everybody starts out T-shirts, dresses, and sunscreen ;)

• Easter Holiday:

During these holidays I went to my aunt in Coquelles (where starts the Channel Tunnel).
This is great, but my cousins​​, they are still in school because in France the holidays are shifted depending where you live.
It was very windy (and sometimes rainy). :/
Suddenly, on Wednesday with my aunt who loves to shop, we left for the "Cite Europe", an international commercial center, or there are 150 different brands as Pimkie, Jules, Celio, Sephora, H & M. ..
Then we went to "The Factory", a grouping of major brands who make minimum reductions of 30% over the price of its collections out 1-2 months before. You will also find samples, prototypes. There are brands like Hugo Boss, Bensimon, Lacoste …