L. Lambert


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Hello! My name is Lambert Leroux. I was born on 17 may 1996 in Ancenis. I have two big sisters there their names are Ines and Bérengère. I have one brother. he His names is Engel. He have a mlady disorder (a neurophibromathose). I like basketball. I play at on the weekend and I train every Friday at 7.15 and after I spend a lot of time with my friends at on the weekend. I’m in jean Moulin high school. It is a good school. I live in saint Christophe la Couperie. I have two sisters and one brother and I have a dog and two red fish. I have a xr6 motobike. I like potatoes and hamburger & I like drinking kronembourg.
my prefere favorite player is derrick rose
i like Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls Derrick_Rose_MVP_Wallpaper.png?width=737&height=460 In the future i would love to have a good job but in the force area.
good bye Lambert