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High school jean Moulin



I would like to say to everybody "Have a very Good Happy New Year 2012!!!"


Hello, my name is Quentin.
I'm French.
I come from Angers and I live in Pellouailles les vignes which is situated North East from Angers.
I'm Fifteen years old, my birthday is on 7 april. I was born in Angers.
I go to Jean Moulin by Bus or by streetcar, and it took between thirty to one hour.
My familiy members are:
my father Bertrand,
my mother Nadine,
my brother Geoffrey
and my sister Audrey & they are older than me.

In High School we practicing: (+ = good ) (+++ = I enjoyed this)

French: +++
English: +++
German: ++
History: ++
Maths: +++
Physic: ++
Biologie: ++
EPS: +++

I've got two pets, Caÿus a dog his kind is a groenendael Belgian shepherd and Minouchka, a cat.

My favorite movies and series are:
_ Avatar


_ Bienvenue chez les ch'tis


_ How I met your mother




My Life and Passion presentations:

Weekend 27/11/11:
I slept until ten o'clock, I played on the computer, and I went to the movies to see ''immortels''and it was so good! But the weather was not so good.
I go school by bus and for me it takes a very long time: it takes an hour every day !
In High school we have Maths, French, History-Geography, Biology, Physics and chemistry, English. But if any of the subjects are difficult, they are all my favorite subjects.

Thursday 01/12/11:
Today was sad because the weather was bad ( it rained ) and I had a bad result in German.

Saturday 03/12/11:
I went to Angers with my mother and my sister and I got to see the Christmas market with many small huts in the street and lots of Christmas lighting but it rained all the time.
Here is In Angers we have a hockey team : "Les Duc D'Angers"
Basketball team, Football team etc…

Week-end (10-11/12/11) I played the clarinet with an orchestra everything two week.
I watched television too and I listened to music every time I had some free time.

My favorite groups are:
_Simple Plan


_Green Day


_Avril Lavigne


_Sum 41


_GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)


My favorite motorcyclist is Valentino Rossi.


He is, for me, the best!!! I enjoy what he does!

Yesterday I went to Angers and go to shop market with my familie by streetcar , it's was very good because the weather was good.
But there are so many people in the street.

Lastly, my Holiday

I celebrated Christmas Day With everybody in my family, and we went to my brother's house to celebrate the New Year, It was very funny but sometimes it was very hard with my family. I didn't do my homework I just slept, spoke with friends and played PS3 and played with our two dogs I couldn't do any thing because outside the weather was not cooperating to ride a bike or walks whith my family, but I think it was the best holiday for 2011. During this vacation I had some of my brother's friends come visit, and we talked about everything!
I would like to say for Everybody a very Good Happy New Year 2012!!!

A little about me / + My Life and Passions:

In my free time I like to speak with my friends and to spend good times with them!
And I adore ride a bike
I go to Jean Moulin high school. I start school at 8 am & sometimes I don't finish until 6pm. I chose this school because later on in life I would like to be an architect! I really love this job!!
I would like to travel to the U.S.A because it's a very big country and I would like to visit New York and San Francisco for their spctacular architecture and ways of life

My hobbies are Basketball which I have been practising for 3 years and playing the Clarinet - I have been playing this instrument for 6
years =) I love It !!

I go school by bus and for me it takes a very long time: it takes an hour every day !
In High school we have Maths, French, History-Geography, Biology, Physics and chemistry, English. But if any of the subjects are difficult, they are all my favorite subjects.

I'm 1.75meter tall I have brown eyes,
medium long haire and clear chatun,
then I Play basket Ball in Ecouflant


Billiards, I love play it at school but I have not some times to spend there in the "MDL"! (we can go to MDL= "The Hous for high school students" in the break for the meal).
at school we can go to the bookcase of the high school.

__If you __are in Rhymney high school, and like what I say, you can come to myself Blog, and we can speak for know better over study foreigner!!! I would be enchanted! =)