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Hello . My name is Benoit LE HENANF . I live in Montreuil-Juigné next to Angers. I come from Rouen . I was born on 11/07/1996 in Monts Saint Aignan . I have one sister who is 12 years old. Her name is Lea. My mother’s name is Cecile and my father’s name is Nicolas . I study in Jean Moulin . I am in "second 1" . I practise many sports . I have been practising Paintball once a week and Karate twice a week since I was 11 . I am very good at it because I made it to The championship of france last year . I like playing on my computer and I like playing sports with my friends


In this picture you can see the playing ground of Marce . I went to see a championship of paintball but I didn't participate because I am not yet 16 years old. But I saw my friends play and my coach who also played . The competition was in Marce it is next to Angers . We had 2 teams playing .Their names are Killer 49 and Darkness .Darkness is the principal team and when they have lot of players they beat the other team . There must be at least 5 players for 2 teams because you need 3 aside for a competition.Darkness finished 5th and killer 49 finished 10th


In this picture you can see a championship of karate because I umpired the championship of karate in Angers because I am judge of karate in the department . I umpired many people and my sisters I don't play because it's the championship of kata and I don't like it but I play the championship of combat .My sister finished 5th but it is very good because she had 20 people in her group

On my holydays ,I saw my friends and we went to the cinema for to see ""Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol." It's a very good but the introduction of the movie is not very well done because you know the movie in the first 5 minuntes.



For Christmas I decorated my christmas tree and my house it's red and white but it's very longer and I don't like decorate my christmas tree but I like see the christmas tree when it's finish


I went to my uncle's in saturday afternoon,he had many people when I arrived and It was a very good christmas because I received many Christmas presents, I recieved 2 colognes (Hugo boss and ikks ), chocolate , a seat for to see Eric Antoine ,he is a comic a, I received mask for the paintball . And I saw my family


It's Eric Antoine

I will practice paintball Saturday because we are training for the next competition in January. And for the New year , I went to my grandparent's in St Lambert la potherie it was a very good because we ate very well

Happy new year


This week it's a balance the sales in France .At the end of the next week I will go to the shop for the sales because , this week there are too many people .Today I saw the movie, "Intouchable" - it's a very good movie ,usually I don't like French movies but this movie is very funny and touching because it speaks of a handicapped person and a person who helps him


The Last week, I saw Kick ass , it's a very good because there are is action and humour . The story speak is about a children who likes a superheros but he hasn't doesn't have superimpose superpowers but he fights the criminals with one man and 1 little girl who wants to kill the director of the mafia


Two weeks ago . I maked a little championship of paintball with my friends in my club. It's was 3c3 . We finished 7th but it's very good because my friends don't doesn't practise play Paintball and there were 4 teams who make it a to the paintball in a championship. On the picture I am on the right of the picture


When my holyday of april . The first week I went to Paris for saw my uncle. We walked in Paris and my uncle spoke about Paris because he lived in Paris since who he is young.With my friends I went to the laser game in Angers but I don't like very weel and I have saw Project X ,it's a very good movie , I like their song and the history who is very funny