Louis Bonhomme S Blog

Posted by Louis on 22/03/2011
Hello my name is good-natured Louis, and my nickname is jacque mesrine. I am 16 years old. I was born on 4th october, 1994. I am your partner and I like sports, video games and partying. My father is Pascal - he is 48 years old. My mother is Valérie, and she is 47 years old. I have 4 sisters, 3 half-sisters and 1 half–brother. I have a cat aged 10, and I often play call of duty and black ops. I like going out with my friends who have motorbikes, and we go partying. We also like going for a walk and drinking at the weekend when we meet up together. I live in Cantenay-Epinard where population is about 3000. It's a beautiful village with many cows!

Posted by Louis on 29/03/2011
I would like to be a policeman and work as a biker or a dog handler and if possible as a GIGN. For that, I need my E-levels and pass the entrance examination to become a policeman.

Posted by Louis on 12/04/2011
I kiss my father and my family. I shake hands with my guy friends, and I kiss the girls to greet them. This is what we do in France. There are some traditions particular to France. We say 'bon appetit' to each other when we eat. 'Bon appetit' means 'enjoy your meal' in English. Some of the traditions in my little village are: We say hello to everyone that we see, and we go out in the evening.
I nickname all my friends (popol, gaet, max, le roux , etc…).