Louison B's favourite movies & music




I like Sahbi by sexion d'assaut.It is a music R&B song.
I like the chipmunks. Is same as music's movies.
I like reggae night by Jimmy Cliff. It is a reggae music song.
I like Max Boubil. He is a comic singing.



I like Fast and Furius Furious. It is a movies of track races and hold-ups. Fast and furious 5 is the one I prefer.The film begins with the crash of a bus in the desert of the United States. The accident was caused by Mia and Brian, two friends of Dom's who is a prisoner. In this accident no prisoner died and all prisoners are back except Dom. To escape their arrest in United States, they take refuge in Rio. Seeing that Luke Hobbs, the largest federal FBI agent and his team has followed up the Rio, they are forced to make one last attack against a very large drug dealer to be white clear and regain their liberty.To realize accomplish this latest attack they seek out and they climb find an elite team form of test pilots to experiment, ex-military and people going everywhere but all know that this mission they have That allows them a single chance. During this mission they will face lots of challenges without being spotted by the police and the FBI. They want to rob the safe of the trafficker who is in the main police station in Rio. With two powerful cars powerful with are equipped with nitro they will succeed to in stealing the safety box of the trafficker.

I like The Chipmunks. It is the story of three chipmunks who speak and they become famous in singing. There are three talking chipmunks. They live in America in a forest of fir trees. At the time of Christmas, the tree in which they live is cut to decorate a large music store. Arrived Arriving at the store, the chipmunks come down from their tree and discover the vastness of the store. To exit the store, they try to avoid all those jostling. After a while they ride in a bag filled with chocolate. Minutes later, the bag is thrown to the trash and with them. When they succeed has come in coming out of the trash they see balls of cheese. Dave the owner of the house can hear and he tries to Knock. After several minutes, sometimes has something gets them out. The chipmunks then begin to sing. Dave, a music composer, takes them back all at once at home and composes music they will learn and published the next day. This music makes them famous worldwide. Proud of this success, Dave made ​​their CD and they will start to become a true star.Yann, the editor, trying to take them to make lots of money. When the Chipmunks are finally agrees and going to go to Yann's home, they started a long and difficult world tour. After the third concert, Yann encloses the chipmunks to so they don't see Dave but they arrive to escape and return to Dave's home.
In the second film, the chipmunks go to the university and meet three chipettes, chipmunks girls, who sing to Yann who treat them the same way as they. The chipettes become friends with the chipmunks.


I like Avatar . It is the story of Avatar people Avatar who fight against the human's in on the planet Pandora. Avatar is a tribe that lives on the planet Pandora, a planet as big as the sun. Men want to destroyed their house which is a big tree more than a thousand years old. For this, the men captured members of the tribe and will remember us as command of the brain which allows men to live with them and understand their lifestyle. Avatars are defending themselves with bows, birds and horses. Certains hommes aiment les Avatar et vont les défendres en cachettes. Mais sont finalement découvert. Ces hommes s'enfuis dans un endrois inconnu avec le materiel.