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The Meignanne


The Meignanne is the village where I live. There are about two thousand people living there. The Meignanne is located northwest of Angers which is the biggest city in the department and a stream called "the Brilloneau" runs through the village. This village is very quiet. There has a bakery, a small supermarket, a bar and a cinema. There are five historic castles, an old quarry of iron and a dolmen located on the right bank which is over 10,000 years old.


There are a whole bunch of clubs: football, tennis, cycling, gymnastics, and basketball. I am **enrolled in the basketball club as a junior. I have been playing basketball for 7 years** and I did two years of tennis. Every first Saturday of the Christmas holidays, we organize a 4.7 kilometer duo race and 10 km solo— (Peux-tu écrire cette phrase en français) around the village. The Meignanne is twinned with a town in Germany.


I go to Jean Moulin high school in Angers. The 2 options I chose are the Principles of Economics and Management (PFEG) and Construction and Technological Innovation (CIT). On Monday I start at 9:00 am and I finish at 5.00 pm. On Tuesday I start at 8:00 and I finish at 4:30 pm. Then on Wednesday I start at 9:00 am and I finish at 12:00. On Thursday I start at 8:00 am and I finish at 6:00 pm. Lastly, on Friday I start at 9:00 am and I finish at 3:00 pm. I eat at the canteen every day
From January 23 to 26 I took part in a Heritage Week with my class.


Monday, January 23 we visited the castle of Angers and the archives of the department.
Tuesday, January 24 we visited the Beaux Arts Museum in Angers and we learned how to weave.
Wednesday, January 25th we were in the hospital St. Joseph which is now a museum and we took part in a play.
thuesday, January 25 we visited St. Martin's Cathedral and we built of wood-framed houses.
friday, January 26 we visited a colegial st martin's
The photo on the right-hand side is the entry to the castle of Angers.

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