Mathieu Vaubrun S Blog

Posted on 22/03/2011
Hi!! I hope you are well. My name is Mathieu. I’m 17 years old. I live in Le Mans but I study in Angers. I’m studying civil engineering in Jean-Moulin high school. In this sector we study bulding and construction. I would like to be an architect. I like drawing; I draw cars and construction plans. I love cars and car racing because I can go to car races often: in le Mans there is the 24 hours of Le Mans. I go there pretty often, almost every year. It's a beautiful race. I have another passion, it's football. I love football. It’s my favorite hobby, I and practice this sport in a club. The position I usually play is half forward. My favourite players are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Da Silva Neymar. And you, who are your favorite players?

I’ve got one sister and one brother. My sister is 10 years old and my brother is 14 years old. My brother also plays football in the same club as me. I'm eager to chat with you! Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted on 29/03/2011
In the future I would like work as an architect, but if I don’t manage to go to university to study architecture, I would like to become a project manager. For this, I need to pass my A-levels then I must go to a special school for architects and finally I must find a company to employ me.

Hi! I will speak about some customs and traditions in France. In france, when you greet people, you kiss them on the cheeks if you know them, but you shake hands if you don't know them. In addition, when you speak with an older person you must to respect him/her; you must use "vouvoiement". On the contrary, when you speak with your friends, you use "tutoiement". When we have our meals, we say "bon appétit" to each other before we start eating.

In france, to be polite, you should say "hello" or "hi" to people. Before meals, it is good to say "bon appétit" to the other people having a meal with you before you start eating. When you are served, you must say "thank you".

At school, we call our teachers "Mr.", "Mrs." or "Miss." because it is a sign of respect for the teacher. It's unacceptable to be late to school or class. It's rude to spit in public. You shouldn't interrupt people when they are speaking. You don't have to give your seat to an adult on public transport, and it's not really acceptable to be late when meeting friends.

In France, today, the men cook, clean, and they do housework.
In family life, men and women make important decisions together.
The special events that we celebrate are Chrsitmas, birthdays (we have a cake for dessert) and Halloween. The 14th July is a very important national holiday because it commemorates the Storming of Bastille. On 14th July, there is a military parade during the day, and at night there are fireworks.