Morgan Soria S Blog

Posted on 22/03/2011
My name is Morgan Soria, I was born in Saumur on 05/04/1993. I have one brother, he is 21 years old. I live in Les Trois Moutiers. I like sport, do Judo, my sport favorite. I like hang out with my friends. I would like to be a project manager. I want to speak of my city, Saumur. I live in Les Trois Moutiers but I spend most of my time in Saumur. Saumur is a beautiful city,there's a lot of restaurant, pub, where he has a lot of pod. There's a shopping centre. There are sports club where I train Judo. I do Judo since 13 years ago.
Now I would like to speak to my future job. I would like to be a project manager. But if I don’t manage to do these studies I will try to work in the building industry. To do that I need to pass my A-levels and I must get good marks. And after I would like to go to a special engineering college called an IUT in France or do a BTS (the equivalent of a HND). A Project manager would be a good job because there is a lot of work in this sector. Can you tell me a couple of things about yourself.
Hi, I will speak about the culture of the french. In France,we have a lot of culture. For example for greet someone we check this hand, and for the woman we cheek twice. The food is more important in France, especially the breakfast. The lunch began generally at 12h00 and the dinner at 20h00. The french drink a lot of wine, indeed we have a lot of vine. The french like the chiken.

Hi, now i would like ti speak about the family. In france the men work as much as woman but women earn less money than men.The woman work more that the men in the household.