Morgane D


I'm Morgane Drouault, I'm was born on thirteen February nineteen ninety eight in Angers.
I'm french and I live in Chalonnes.
I've three little sisters.
I made a "tray" general in the Lycée Jean Moulin. My favourite subject is English.
I don't have any extracurricular activities. In my free time I like go out with my friends, speak on the social networks, go shopping, run wtih my best friend…
I don't really preferred films, books, singers or bands. But I like books or films speak of love and I love different styles of musics.

What you like to do in the future or are you unsure?

Before, I wanted to be an English teacher but now I want to be an optician.
After secondary school, I would like to do a BTS.

Travel and adventure :

I would like to go in Sidney, in Australia because is very beautiful and Canada (Ontario). My dream is to live in Great Britain.

Family :

Yes, later I would like to have a family, of course!