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My presentation



My name is Joris. I live in le Fresne sur Loire . I am 15 years old
I like riding mountain bikes, reading, watching Tv, & playing video games .
I have one sister, her name is Leana & she is 13 years old.
I have a dog, It is a female pug & her name is Baya.
I go mountainbiking with my father, my bike is an Haibike power rx and my father's bike is a cube xms.


Week-end and holidays

week-end 12/11

This week-end I played bowling with my father, my mother, my sister and family fiends. I am rubish in bowling, I had 56 in the first part and 78 in the seconde .
I mountainbiked with my father and a friend. We had making 17 km (10,56 miles) for 1 hour, in the rain.
I had played video game with my father and friend, we had Pplaying need for speed schift on line with iPad2 , ipod touch 4 and iphone 4 .


Christmas holidays

During my holidays,I went to Pornic to see my grandmother and my great grandmother, I rode my mountain bike and went out with my friend.
On Christmas day I was with my family. I slept in my cousin house, it's a very big house, he have a dog, it's a golden retriever, his name is bobby. On chrismas,I **got— a swatch watch, an xbox 360, video games , and men's perfume . I think christmas is the happiest day of the year because everybody is happy on christmas.
On New Year's day, I was with my friend, we had a very big party in a castle . And the last day of the holidays, I watched movies : scream 1 2 3 4 , the colector , & prediction .

Week-end 08/01

This week-end I went out with my friend, we went to a bar to play billiards, babyfoot and Darts.
The rest of time, I played videogames with my new xbox and watched a film.


Today is my birthday, my friend woke up me at midnight to wish me happy birthday.
My best friend gave me a baby pacifier and my parents gave me an airbag jacket .
After school, I invited my friend to eat at home and we went to the cinema to watch "intouchables". I don't know if that film is in the cinema in Wales.


Weekend 14/01

This weekend my father invited his best friend home, I payed videogames with him and his son . His son plays xbox better than me, I'm degusted —' but he has had an xbox for 2 years and me, I have an xbox for 20 days ^^ .

Weekend 21/01

On Saturday I returned to my junior high school to receive my diploma and that afternoon I went to my friend's home to eat . On Sunday, I went mountainbiking with a friend and tested my airbag jacket.


Weekend 1st april

In this week end I was watching watched the film Projet X
It's a very good film and I adore the music compilation of It


On Saturday, I was with my friends and went to a park to speak about high school and other persons people.

holydays april holiday

During my holyday holiday I triped traveled to germany to see my uncle and my cousin . In germany, I went to a lot of partyies with my cousin, we went to a pool park and we walked in the snow.
After germany,I went to a karting competiton in Le Mans on the mitic (?) circuit Alain Prost !
Then, I went to Pornic to see friends and family .