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Blood Diamond film was directed by Edward Zwick with actors like Leonardo DiCaprio,Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly

In Sierra Leone, in 1999 the country is in civil war between the RUF and the government for control of diamond mines. Solomon Vandy and his family are attacked in their villages by rebels where he was captured but managed to escape his family, then it is sent in a diamond mine in Kono belonging to the rebels he finds a rare diamond that it decides to hide. But the mine is attacked by the government and Solomon is trapped where he meets Danny Archer, a former soldier who asked him to join his family in exchange for diamonds.Then they meet Maddy Bowen, a journalist in exchange for information that Danny has the diamond smuggling with Solomon find his family.
He managed to find his family was in a refugee camp, but he learns that his son Dia was captured and became a child soldier was the RUF. They then arrived at a military base where the UN is has evacuated Maddy, Solomon and Danny continue their way to the diamond mine to find Dia and diamonds, but once recovered, the army take them in hunting and Danny is so badly injured before he died, he gave the diamond to Solomon, and they manage to escape to the United Kingdom, where Solomon was able to bring his family and become rich thanks to the diamond.



Limitless is a film directed by Neil Burger, withBradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert DeNiro.

Eddie Morra lives in a small New York apartment, he has a hard time writing a novel and therefore saw the hook of his girlfriend Lindy but one day she decided to quit leave him seeing that he does not advance in life and in addition, the publisher decided to stop their contract. But Eddie runs into his former brother in law, Vernon, who offered him a pill without telling him the effects of the tablet.
Eddie agrees to test the tablet and then he becomes more intelligent, his memory is improved etc … Then he finally managed to write his novel and his publisher after reading it is surprising is suprised.
But the next morning he returns to himself and therefore has only one desire, take a tablet so it his goes back to his former brother in law, Vernon agrees to give him in exchange for a small service favor but when he return it to Eddy Vernon he sees him get murdered, so he call the police but in the meantime he got the idea to search the apartment to find other tablets. Then he becomes intelligent and for him everything is "unlimited" he became a businessman and won a lot of money. But he did not know the side effect of the tablet (dependency, physical problems physical and coats).But it is not the only one to know the existence of this drug and therefore some people is are killed trying to steal her his pills.



Untouchables is a French film directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano as actors with François Cluzet and Omar Sy. The film was released in the cinema in France November 2, 2011
The story is inspired by a true story, the film as seen in France in 2011, more than 18 million entries

The film begins on the Paris ring road and that Driss Philipe and is hurtleding down, they are then pursued by the police, Driss their aunt escaped but can not and therefore is arrested but in an attempt to not to be taken it ment by Driss sayings that Philip is in crisis and so the police escort them to the hospital.
Then there is a "flashback" or where we can even meet the two men who come from two different middle backgrounds … Driss coming comes from the suburbs of Paris, he gets out of prison and is looking for a job interview for his Asédic signed (for unemployment benefits). Philippe is a man suffering from a disease that paralyzes the blow from his neck to his feet, finding the special commitment he decided to try to change his lifestyle and that's when the two people both to establish a relationship even if they come from two completely different environments then Driss tries to get involved in activities surprising for him to Philip, as the opera or modern art etc … This gives the idea of painting his Driss even an array of modern art. Driss and also discovers that Philipe maintenance maintains a relationship with a certain letter by Eleanor so he decided to act and forced Philip to call, then he finally called and he is very happy. Then Philip decides to go to meet Eleanore you in a bar but it has still not said told to her about his illness and is afraid so he left. The Driss's younger brother Driss has some problems in its the suburbs forcing Driss to go has gone home …
Philipe therefore takes a normal way of life for him with a caregiver that he does not like …
But Driss looks back on and they go off in two cars (one sees the scene of the early films) and Philipe takes goes to another bar or where Eleanore awaits …