Quentin L's favourite movies & music

All of these songs and movies are my favorite for listening to in my spare time. But now young people like electronic music and don't take much time to listen to older music, and it's very annoying. So now happy reading !

Music & movies are for me very important, because when you listen to it and watch at it, you go to another galaxy, and it's these things that I adore.

And Elvis Presley is the older song which I Enjoy in Rock-and roll
He was born in 1935 and lived until 1977.
His songs are considered like the most famous sound in the XX' century


He was the first man to give a concert broadcast by satellite
And when he died, his personal fortune represented like

90 golden records (disks), 50 of the platinum(deck), 25 of the multi-platinum(multi-deck) and 1 of the diamond
- Elvis Christmas Album, certified on September 9th, 2011 by the RIAA, which sold to more than 13 million copies in the world

I like all styles of music because I'm not difficult and I like all of the music, but I prefer for all my favorites group

French Rock :



Nicola Sirkis (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, harmonica since 1981)
Marco (bass since 1992)
Boris Jardel (guitar, ukulele, percussions since 1998)
Oli de Sat (guitar, keyboard since 1998)
Mr Shoes ( drums since 2002)
Matu ( keyboard since 2005)

When I listen their songs I fly away to a new dimention!
It is a French group and they formed 1981, It created popular titles like : "l'aventurié", "j'ai demandé à la lune", "Canary Bay" etc.

in Teen Rock is:

Like Plain White T's


Tom Higgenson
Dave Tirio
Mike Retondo
De'Mar Hamilton
Tim Lopez

Since 1997, their songs are paradise, like their songs such as "Hey There Delilah", " Rhythm of love" Etc, I'm in ecstasy because their song are so awesome with the sound of their voices.

-Their voice and their musicality are very and really comparable to a rainbow where the musical notes float on colors.

I like to Rock with groups like:

Simple plan:


Pierre Bouvier : vocals, guitar piano
Sébastien Lefebvre : rhythmic Guitar, chorus, bass (concerts)
Jeff Stinco : Guitar solo ist
David Desrosiers : Bass, chorus, guitar, vocals(concerts)
Chuck Comeau : drums


Their sonds are: Pop punk, punk rock, alternative rock , alternative metal, rapcore, melodic hardcore, skate punk, heavy metal.
"Noots,"one of their songs, is very my favorite. I love this group's music!


My favorite Series is Smallville:


It's the longest running series at of all the time, because it has 10 seasons, and was created by Alfred Gouhg and Miles Millar, this story tells about the youth of "Superman".
The music of these genre is as popular as the fictional characters.


I am an adict to listen the music sound of Max Boublil, he is a french boy were he sing about the life of all the days. For myself it's very funy, but never peaple can stand his humor.