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I would like to speak about my small village!

Pellouailles les Vignes is the name of my village where the men and the women are called "Pellouaillais and Pellouaillaises". There are two thousand five hundred people who live there.

_49.5% are Men for 1183 Man in 2007
_50.5% are Women1195 Woman in 2007
Birth in Green and Death in orange


_Population total in 2007 (Woman and Man)


Population Mal


_Population Feminine


_Population of man


_Population of woman


But there was an increase in the population of young people several decades ago. It's the capital of the department, and here we can find about 40 sports clubs, and Cultural centers including the building the "Carré des Arts ", where I have been playing music for 6 years.
In The Carré des Arts


I play the clarinet every week but not during the holidays.
In this picture, you can see the church of my village.
We can find a store which sells Ferraris and many other car models.
I think it's so good to drive this type of car!!

The weather is often bad but when it's very hot it's very very hot, but living here is better than living in a city.


Where I play Basket ball it is Ecouflant: