Remi F's favourite movies & music

Today, i want to say about my favourite hobbies: the music. I find it's so beautiful and it is an occasion for be alone. In generious general, I listen three band who are:


3 doors down:
They make a very beautiful music. My best favorite song of there theirs is "It's not my time"
Band of horse:


It's make a pretty song. My favorite song about her is "the funeral


They are a band created in 19966, it's a band punk rock band and they very famous in all world. My favourite song is "I'm not the one"


My second favorite hobbies after listen a music is watch a movies. Ifind this so good because the movies can drag you in other world. It's very cool for the diversion, I have five movies who I think are the best :

Bloody sunday

Bloody sunday

an excellent movies who say about Irish story. There are two group. The demonstrator ( young=violent and there is too peace man) and FLN. The FLN has kill lots of innocent man, it's why I like this film because he there are so many good things to say about this story,




Transformers is a all together of four movies. It's a They are fiction movies and there are very good graphics. I have seen all the movies of transformers and I want to see all the next.
This movies say about a robot and there is a kind and bad, all a story based on this.

Au nom de la rose


Propriété :

This movies it's a very good movies too because he it say is about a story of French people but it's not annoying. The story is based on many crimes. It's pretty good and there it is very suspense. He It resembles to an English thriller.



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It's an action movies who say that tells a story of a woman in a Columbia. She has forget loses her parents in a burglary. There is lots of dealers in this country. The movies is based around this crime ans it's very interessant, interesting.

American history X


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American history X it's a movies who has make molemic that was polemic in America. He It say talks about one father and his child. They are totaly racist and they will come of their problem. It is an excellent film because he say about a it talks about things that are real. The second tome volume is was released in America and after two week, he it was has censured by the state.