Ronan B's favourite movies & music


I would like to present a very good film. These film was Fast and the Furious.


There is the fifth five film of Fast and the Furious. The first film was create by Rob Cohen, it was out the 22 of June in 2001 in the United States and the 26 of September in 2001 in France.
The principal actor was Paul Walker(Brian O'Connor) and Vin Diesil(Dominic Toretto). The Shooting has started the 31of July in 2000 in the city of El Segundo, Hemet, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Pasadena, San Bernardino et Westminster.

Dominic Torreto is an ex-prisoner and driver of street racing. He has I strip compound is part of racing gang of with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez),Vince (Matt Schulze),Jesse (Chad Lindberg),Leon (Johnny Strong) and her his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster).Brian O'Connor is an policeman and He wants be to arrest the strip gang because there have attacked a lot of trucks. He joined the strip gang because it's more easy easier for the arrestation but he falls in love of with Mia.
These This car is an Ferrari F355 and she it appears in the film and is drivingen by Neal Moritz.


The second Fast and Furious was create by John Singleton, the title of the movie is 2 Fast 2 Furious and it's it came out the 3 of June in 2003 in the United States and the 18 of June in 2003 in France.

Brian O'Connor become a fugitive and is arrested by the FBI. The FBI gives a last chance to Brian O'Connor. They give a mission to arrest Carter Verone a trafficker of drugs.


These This car appears in 2 Fast 2 Furious and is an Dodge Viper Yellow drivingen by Brian O'Connor.


Fast and Furious 3 was create by Justin Lin, the title is Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and it's out the 16 of June in 2006
in the United States and the 19 of July in 2006 in France.


Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) is fascinated by the forged sport car. He have has a problem with the California police and he was arrested
because he have had an car accident. He wants to go to his father in Tokyo for to avoid the prison. In Tokyo he is very alone but he meet a new friend Twinkie (Bow Wow). With his new friend he discovers the drifting, a clandestine sport. Sean love this sport immediately.


This car appears in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, It is a red Dodge Viper SRT10 red driven by Clay (Zachery Ty Bryan).

Fast and Furious 4 was create by Justin Lin It's It came out the 3 of April in 2009 in the United States and the 8 of April in 2009 in France.


Dominic Toretto is returns in to Los Angles for to avange her girlfriend Letty Ortiz's death.
Brian O'Connor wants to arrest a drug trafficker of drugs, his name is Braga.
They want to arrest the even person thus they did an do it in teams. This car appears in Fast and Furious 4 It's a Nissan 240sx silvia conversion driven by
David Park.


Fast and Furious 5 was created by Justin Lin and it's came out the 29 of April in 2011 in the United States and the 4 of May in 2011 in France.


Brian and Mia Toretto are save Dominic of the from prison and they go to Rio for to escape of the from justice.
In Rio with an elite teams, they pursue the business man who wants to kill them.
But the teams was are pursued by Luke Hobbs a policeman.
This car appears in Fast and Furious 5 and it ' a Lexus LFA driven by Han Lue.


good music

The music song "we are the world" is a very good music sing song sung by Michael Jackson.


This music song was write written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richi for to fight against the famine in Ethiopia.
The music was out the 7 of march in 1985.


Name: Michael Jackson
Born: 29 august 1958 in Gary (Indiana)
died: 25 June 2009 in Los Angeles (California)
Other Music: Billie Jeans, Beat It,Thriller, Black or White…

In 2010 the music song "we are the world" was sing sung by lot of singer (Janet Jackson, Usher, Akon, Will I am and others…)
and sportsman (Shaquille O'Neal…) for a tribute of Haiti (Earthquake).

The "enfoiré" is group of singers and famous people created in 1989 for singing for the association of "resto du coeur".


The "enfoiré" have sing was created by Jean-Jacques Goldman. her Its name is "La Chanson des enfoiré". The "enfoiré" do a sour since 1990.
The "resto du coeur" was created by Coluche in 1986. The main activity of t


he "resto du coeur" is to distribute food packages and hot meals to the needy.