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I live in Mazé. Mazé is a village in the departemant of Maine et Loire between Angers and Saumur.


In Mazé there are 4 648 inhabitants.

Mazé has a church and a castle
The name of the church is "St Pierre's Church". It was built in 1040.
The castle of Montgeoffroy was built in the XVIIIth century.
In 1209 the castle of Geoffroy de Chateaubriand was built


The traditional sport in Maze is the boule de fort.
In Maze there are 32 games. The first boule de fort was made in 1845 by Mr Pineau one smith.
One ball weighs 1.4kg and the playing course is either 22 or 26 meters long and 7 meters wide.


History of Mazé:

The village of Maze was created by the Romans.
In 1856 there was a big flood.
In 1790 Louis XIV created the canton or township of Maze. In these cantons there were two villages: Mazé and Gée.
In 1791, the canton of Mazé had three villages: Mazé, Gée and Bauné.
But in 1801 the canton of Mazé was connected with the canton of Beaufort.


There are lot of sports associations in Mazé.


US Mazé is the local football club.
Mr Georges Barré created the club 80 years ago.
The colors of Mazé are red and green.
Mazé was the best club in 1969/1970.
The senior men's team of mazé is in "promotion d'honneur (PH)": a regional level.
In 2010/2011 the team reached the 4th round of the French Cup.
My brother plays football with this club. He is in a beginner.


The club HBC Authion is the handball club in Mazé.
It was created 20 years ago in 1991.
The club was set up after an agreement between Mazé, Corné and Beaufort en Vallée.
The color of the club is purple.
The senior men's team of mazé is in "promotion d'honneur PH"(: a regional level)
and the women's senior team is in "excellence départementale" (: a departemental level)
I play handball with this club. I'm in the under-16s team.


Mazé basket is the basketball club in Mazé.
It was created 43 years ago.
The color of the club is purple.
In this club there is just a women's team.
The women's senoir team is in called "DF3B".
My sister plays in this club. she is a "Benjamine" (youngster).

Other associations are:


In Mazé there is one games library.It was created 7 years ago. There are over 700 games.