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Posted by Steve on 27/03/20111Hi, my name is Steve, I'm 17 and I live in Angers. It's a city in the west of France. I play football in a club & rugby with my high school team.
I'm studying to become a civil engineer but I'm hestitating as I'd like to become a fireman, enter the military and be a civil engineer. I like sport, partying and hanging out with my friends.
Through this exchange I'd like to learn more about nuclear energy, the risks of nuclear catastrophies, & study the different solutions to limit the problems.

About my future:
If I can, I will be a site manager. If I manage to pass my A-levels, I will do a second-year post-A-level diploma and after that able to work in public construction work either as a fireman or in the army but I’m not sure for the moment .

Today let's talk about French traditions.
We celebrate new year's day with a big party with friends or with family. After there is the carnaval and st valentin's day.