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Posted by Thomas on 22/03/2011
Hello! My name is Thomas, and I’m 16 years old. I was born on 1st July, 1994. I live in Sablé sur Sarthe, which is a small city. In the city where I live, there are many Football fields, a racecourse, a swimming pool, many shopping centres, and a big park. It is a very attractive and nice little city. I play handball in the handball club of Sablé; it's called the HBC Sablé. My hobbies are going out, playing soccer and playing rugby. I like sports and beautiful cars. I am really interested in architecture, and I'm a student in civil engineering at Jean Moulin high school to become a civil engineer or architect.
This exchange with you may be interesting, and I hope that we can both progress - you in French and me in English. I am interested in the problem of equality in the world between men and women, as well as between people of different coloured skin.

Posted by Thomas on 29/03/2011
For my future job, I would like to work in the building industry as an architect or project manager. For that, I need to go to a civil engineering university and/or a special school for engineers. Later on, managing a construction company will be one of my main objectives. My studies are very good and the job available in this sector are numerous, so I’m sure to have a good job in the building industry. The building trade is what is best for me!

Posted by Thomas on 12/04/2011
Over here in France, I greet my male friends by shaking their hands and my female friends with a kiss on both cheeks. This is how I greet my friends, and it is normal in France. I respect people who are much older than me, so I greet them with a kiss or a hand-shake. My favourite tradition is having a family dinner on weekends. I know many families in France, and their dinners in general consist of different dishes and drinks such as snails, wine, sausages and brot. We, in France, spend a lot of time at school. We study everyday at school except on weekends!
We have a lot of customs and traditions in our French culture, and I've only presented the bare minimum!

Posted by Thomas on 17/05/2011
In France, our culture is very important to us. In general, a French student is very polite to his/her teacher; on the contrary, French students are not necessarily polite when speaking in general. Some people are impolite and others are very polite to everyone. A really polite person uses good language and often has a big smile!

Posted by Thomas on 22/05/2011
In France, men usually help out with the household work; however, this doesn't happen in all families. In such families where men don't help out, women do all the work in the house while men just relax. This is a bad image of family life in France.