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Hello, my name is Thomas…..Thomas CHIRON.
I come from France. I was born there.
I am 16 years, I live in Angers, in la Meignanne


I practice shoot a bow archery


and the dance modern and jazz dance.


I like playing guitar and listening to music.
I studing study in at Jean Moulin, in Angers


My town
La Meignanne is a common municipality that is in the department of the Maine et Loire.


The current mayor is Marcel Maugeais.
In La Meignanne, there are more than 2000 inhabitants. Its area is 23.39 km2
La meignanne draws its name from these old iron mines and the vocation assigned metallurgical to the first inhabitants.
Because of its ancient roots "maignan" or "meignan" evokes iron works and the boilermaker



In this municipality, we have a football stadium, a gym where we can practice dancing, judo, basketball…


the judo hall
There are gala dancing shows in June in the new hall. Is the "Espace longuennée".


There is also a recreation center for children and for young people, this is l'AJIC, a youth center.
We also have a retirement home for the old people of our town.


And of course, it wouldn't be a municipality *without** a mayor in the city hall.


My holidays,

My hoilydays have begun began the friday, 16 of december after going search picking up my little brother at his school.
For the week end, i have watched the TV, and i have played in on my computer.
Monday night, i went to my club shoot a bow to practice archery, for to train.
I spent Christmas in with my grandmother with my cousins.
For the second week, i was in with my father with whom i worked for 2 days witch him. The rest at of the week, i played at video games.
And at on the week end, my father brought me back in to my mother's for the recovery to return at to school.