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Posted by Valentin on 22/03/2011
Hello my name is Valentin. i live in Ecouflant and you? it's a little village with two shopping centres, two schools and football field. But in the summer there are lots of people in Ecouflant because there is a lake and a theme park. I'd love to learn more about England. I like to hang out with my friends and to go partying. I like sports, particulary handball. I love the French team. I am really interested in sports. I would like become a fireman and also I'm interested in fixing & repairing cars. I would like to speak with you about sports. What type of sport do you like?
Posted by Valentin on 29/03/2011
In the future I would like to become a foreman. My dream is to become a professional athlete. I need to pass my A-levels first!!.
Hi!! Now i will speak about the french customs and traditions. In france for greet i kiss the girls and shake the hand for the men.