Vincent L's favourite movies & music

I'm going to talk about the movie "Destination finale" (Final Destination, in English). He It was realized directed by James Wong and we could see it at the cinema in 2000.


Destination finale is a film which is talking about the death. The sentence : "death catches up with us always" can summarize this movie. In this movie, we can see ten students. Each of them dies in a different situation, some die in a plane, others in a bathroom…
In the end, there isn't any survivors.

I'm going to talk about the movie " Course a la mort " it was made by PAUL william scott Anderson, the release of this film at the cinema was in 22 août August 2008. " cours a la mort " is a film which is talking talks about the convict and escape. In this movie, We can see Jason stathem and joan Allen are personage principal for all the movies. Jason stathem trying to escape during part of the film.


I'm going to talk about the movie "Ghost rider " it was by Mark Steven Johnson, distribute and market in 2007. To save her father suffered an accident, the stuntman Johnny Blaze sold his soul to the devil. the day it is a normal man, but at night it turns into the night Rider. The rider is a bounty hunter who kills souls escaped from hell. When Roxanne is threatened (his girlfriend), but the rider turns against his master. But Ghost rider back wis is second films, in 2012 !!


during he is human !!


during he is a rider !!

I'm going to talk about a the musique band, "sexion d'assaut" This group was formed in 2002, of in this group there are eight person people. This group is now known worldwide, their music is varied,this group is appreciated for the lyrics and energy that transmit.
it creates a Pop-rap group.


I'm going to talk about " shakira. " She is an author , composer, interpreter singer ect etc. .. whose father is of Lebanese his father descent, Shakira is known for his her songs, a mix of Latin Pop, Rock, Dance, World Music. She is Hispanic by birth, speaks fluent English and Portuguese, and is learning French.
Shakira is also known for the varied dances she knows. My favourit music is " je l'aime a mourrire " because she has a beautiful voice.